Professor of Political Economy

Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa
International Chief Economist - Centro Europa Ricerche (CER), Roma
Euro-Asia Forum - Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
Institute of Global Affairs (London School of Economics)




Stefan Collignon, Macroeconomic imbalances in Europe a mistaken concept? In : Andrew Watt, Hansjörg Herr and Jan Priewe (eds). Saving the Euro: Redesigning Euro Area economic governance, Social Europe Publishing, june 2017. Download e-book in PDF here


  • Stefan Collignon, Piero Esposito and Giovanna Scarchilli, Europe: Coming together or falling apart?, Centro Europa Ricerche (CER), rapporto 1, 2017 (pdf download)

  • Stefan Collignon and Sebastian Diessner: The ECB’s Monetary Dialogue with the European Parliament: Efficiency and Accountability during the Euro Crisis? Journal of Common Market Studies, 54.6 November 2016, pp. 1296–1312
  • The philosophical counter offensive to Neoliberalism starts here :
    Negative and Positive Liberty and the Freedom to Choose. (unpublished paper) 31/05/2016

    Abstract : In the name of promoting negative liberty, neoliberalism has shrunk the democratic state and thereby reduced positive liberty. The paper argues that this philosophy is a mistaken interpretation of Berlin’s two concepts of liberty, whereby negative liberty mean non-interference and positive liberty interference by the state. In a simple model of individual and collective choice it is shown that positive and negative liberty are interdependent and that liberal democracy is the proper articulation of positive liberty.
  • Stefan Collignon, Piero Esposito, Marco Forti, Petya Garalova and Carlo Milani, Employment, migration and growth, Centro Europa Ricerche (CER), rapporto 1, 2016.

    Enrico Pedemonte. Le verità scomode su migranti e lavoro - Una ricerca del Cer sfata un tabù della sinistra europea. Nei Paesi del Sud gli stranieri fanno concorrenza ai locali. Al Nord pesano sul welfare. In : Pagina 99, 22 oct. 2016






  • Stefan Collignon and Piero Esposito. Wage Competitiveness in Luxembourg. A Study engaged by the Government of the Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg In respect of the Project Wage Imbalances in the European Labour Market. London, 29 September 2016. LSE consulting.